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Somatic Dance Movement Therapy

Somanaut Dance offers somatic movement/dance movement therapy to support individuals and groups to achieve their wellness goals. My practice is co-creative with clients, stemming from an emphasis on person-centered frameworks, but also drawing on cognitive behavioural, psychoeducational, and mindfulness/bodyfulness, and trauma-informed approaches. I believe that movement is a powerful tool for transformation and growth. Through a multimodal approach, combining talking, movement, drawing, writing, painting, soundmaking, and more (within the clients' own comfort levels), I aim to help you explore your inner world, and discover your own pathways toward wellness, resilience, and self-resourcing.

What is Dance Movement Therapy?

Dance movement therapy (DMT) is a form of creative/expressive arts therapy. It draws on traditional psychotherapy frameworks while offering the healing properties of dance and movement. Using a range of tools (including talking, movement, embodied awareness, and others), DMT invites clients to experience different ways of moving and being in their bodies. DMTs believe what we experience psychologically is also experienced in our bodies, and vice versa. As we experience new physical experiences, we also experience mental and emotional changes.

What is Somatic Movement Therapy?

Somatic movement therapy (SMT) is a type of body-centered therapy that aims to improve a person's physical, emotional, and mental well-being by focusing on their bodily sensations, movement patterns, and posture.

It is based on the principles of somatic practices, which is the study of the body-mind connection, and emphasizes the importance of awareness, mindfulness, and movement in healing and growth.

Client Testimony

"Becca is amazing, she was really comforting. She taught me so much and gave me really good tools and understanding as to how the body/mind works as well as how to unlearn unhealthy habits and everything. It felt like Becca really put in a lot of time and effort for me, both inside and outside our sessions." -1:1 Thearpy Client, 2022

Your Therapist

Becca Weber is a registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator, practicing since 2009. She is the Programme Director for the Masters in Dance Movement Therapy at the University of Auckland, has a PhD in dance psychology, Masters degrees in somatic wellbeing and dance choreography, and has completed a postgraduate diploma and advanced clinical practicum in DMT through Dance and Arts Therapy NZ. She is offering koha-based treatment while she is awaiting her professional DMT accreditation confirmation through the Dance Movement Therapy Association of Australasia. She has experience supporting clients (including tamariki, rangatahi, and adults) with anxiety, depression, self-harm, grief, sexual trauma/trauma, addiction, neurodiversities, and more, and will cater sessions to your needs.
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